• Experience Pixelmon

    Used to playing normal old minecraft but love Pokemon? RC-Gamers is here to tell you we can match both of those. RC-Gamers runs a Minecraft server with hundreds of dedicated players that keep our community thriving.

    Install and Play Pixelmon
  • Want to Play Kanto?

    RC-Gamers also offers a Kanto version of Pixelmon, Connect to our minecraft server now by ip pixel.rc-gamers.com and in the portal area you will see "Kanto"

    Install and Play Pixelmon
  • Shop till you Drop

    Do you ever get some addicted to a game and you want to build your charchter? Well, RC-Gamers has various shop items for your Pixelmon and your Trainer which help enchance your gameplay experience.

    visit the rc-gamers pixelmon shop

How to Install and Play Pixelmon

Minecraft Charchter

RC-Gamers does not own or operate any of the above suggested installation solution

Professor Oak

So, How do I connect?

Once you have completed following the tutorials above, you simply open your minecraft client and connect to any server as you would normally on a non modded copy of Minecraft, click Multiplayer and click Direct Connect at the bottom of the client and for the IP/Hostname type in the following pixel.rc-gamers.com this will give you variousaccess RC Pixelmon servers.

When you spawn you will be given an item that assists you with fast teleporting to the other worlds.

Can I buy things?

Yes, you can buy things from the online pixelmon shop that provide a more powerful gameplay experience, purchase pokemon, chest items and much more. All items will be directly deposited into your players account once a purchase has been made, best part is, it’s simple, easy and fun.

Paypal Supported